Mighty Woman Series Taking Flight!

It’s 2013 and time at last to produce a series based on a concept and character I developed a few years back. Entitled, “The Greatest Adventures of Mighty Woman,” the web-based series is a marriage of Galaxy Quest with Supergirl. An actress who plays a superhero on TV must become the real thing in order to fight a sinister, dark force intent on destroying the world. The key to this project is FUN! When I was a kid, shows like Shazam/Isis, Batman, and Wonder Woman made the possibility of superheroes seem real, but in a light-hearted and entertaining way. Since then, the superhero genre in films and television have, in some cases, become very dark, sinister and brooding. While some of those character journeys and adventures can be exciting, they can also leave one feeling worn out with the outlook for the future bleak. I hope to restore some of the fun with this series and character, while still providing a journey that’s exciting with some thrills along the way! Stay tuned for more updates on this project coming soon!

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