Through what was arguably the hottest day in many years here in the Valley of the Sun, Thor, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and a million other super powered heroes patrolled the foyers of the Phoenix Convention Center, keeping the peace while an army of villains, equal in number, sipped lattes and checked social media […]

Film Adaptation Statistics

In preparation for my Phoenix Comicon Session this year on adapting books to screenplays and screenplays to books, I’ve been researching statistics concerning film adaptations from written material other than original or ‘spec’ screenplays. In his book, Reading the Movies, William Costanzo notes that it has been estimated that a third of all films ever […]


  For those attending this year’s Phoenix Comicon, consider attending my session on adapting screenplays to novels. Having written in the script format for so many years, my transition to books opened up a whole new opportunity as a writer. Come and find out how it’s possible to write successfully in both formats!   Get […]

Tales of Tinfoil Reviewed

  Since the release of my novel, Phoenix Lights, set in the world of the Apocalypse Weird series of books, I was asked to contribute a short story to a conspiracy theory anthology put together by editor David Gatewood. Titled, Tales of Tinfoil, the book has already landed some great reviews, and in some cases, […]

The Scout – Available NOW at Amazon!

  From former NASA/JPL Documentary Film Producer for Mars Exploration, and award winning filmmaker (Ray Bradbury’s “Kaleidoscope”), own the science fiction thriller, The Scout. Print or Ebook for iPad and Kindle! The Scout


  The Scout is my new science fiction novel and I wanted to share a brief synopsis of the story. It’s about the inevitability of change. For Jack McAllister, a young writer who has finally launched a career for himself, it comes tragically: his estranged father, a former NASA engineer, dies suddenly at his home […]

Mighty Woman Series Deal Acquired!

  The Mighty Woman property has been acquired by a studio production company! More details to come once a production start date has been announced. All in all this means the series will be produced at the budgetary level it deserves! Stay tuned! Check Out the Trailer