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Mighty Woman Series Deal Acquired!

  The Mighty Woman property has been acquired by a studio production company! More details to come once a production start date has been announced. All in all this means the series will be produced at the budgetary level it deserves! Stay tuned! Check Out the Trailer

Mighty Woman Series Taking Flight!

  It’s 2013 and time at last to produce a series based on a concept and character I developed a few years back. Entitled, “The Greatest Adventures of Mighty Woman,” the web-based series is a marriage of Galaxy Quest with Supergirl. An actress who plays a superhero on TV must become the real thing in […]

Ray Bradbury’s Kaleidoscope WINS BEST SCI-FI film again!

  Since entering the festival circuit with “Ray Bradbury’s Kaleidoscope,” we’ve seen some great crowds and enthusiastic Bradbury fans that have really enjoyed the film! We’ve also been very fortunate to win several awards along the way, and this weekend at the ITSA Film Festival in the lovely town of Sonora, California, we received yet […]

The Dirty Bomb Diaries

    What if this was you? The DIRTY BOMB DIARIES is a mini-series that explores that looming question. Against the backdrop of a horrifying terrorist act, one woman, isolated and shaken, records her thoughts and experiences through her webcam. Her daily decisions and reactions to the external chaos in the city is the subject […]