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tinfoil coverSince the release of my novel, Phoenix Lights, set in the world of the Apocalypse Weird series of books, I was asked to contribute a short story to a conspiracy theory anthology put together by editor David Gatewood. Titled, Tales of Tinfoil, the book has already landed some great reviews, and in some cases, specific stories were mentioned by name. My contribution, “That’s a Wrap from the Sea of Tranquility,” received such a mention:

“Eric Tozzi’s “That’s a Wrap from The Sea of Tranquility” – In 1969, respected Hollywood filmmaker Harry McNixon is asked by the federal government to make a movie for them. Not just any movie, but one purporting to show a fake landing on the moon, to be broadcast worldwide. The idea is preposterous and crazy but as he embarks on a quest to make his greatest achievement that no one will ever know he made, we are taken through the movie shoot as he tries to make it look real, using all the tools at his disposal. Filled with a couple of laugh out loud moments, the author definitely does his best to sell it and make it sounds believable. And as to why this film had to be made? That awesome reason I will leave for the reader to discover.”

This story is unlike anything I’ve ever written and I’m particularly proud of it. And it goes without saying I’m in the company of some incredible authors who’ve also provided their unique takes on some of the most notorious conspiracy theories out there. Grab a copy today!


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  • What is Tales of Tinfoil?

    It is a dark and fictional reimagining of every conspiracy theory that ever lived. It is the JFK assassination, Area 51, the moon landing, the surveillance state. It is a French spy posing as Abraham Lincoln, it is a video game designed by the CIA, it is “Suicide Mickey.” It is Adolf Hitler and it is Elvis Presley.

    In this bizarre and wonderful short story collection, today’s top fiction authors pull back the curtain on the biggest conspiracies of all time. Who really killed JFK? What happened in Roswell, New Mexico? Is Elvis still alive? With stories that run the gamut from touching to thrilling to utterly deranged, Tinfoil will take you on a tour of paranoia you won’t soon forget.

    Twelve short stories, twelve conspiracy theories, twelve twisted rabbit holes.

    Hold on to your hats.

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