The Scout is my new science fiction novel and I wanted to share a brief synopsis of the story.

It’s about the inevitability of change. For Jack McAllister, a young writer who has finally launched a career for himself, it comes tragically: his estranged father, a former NASA engineer, dies suddenly at his home in Merriweather, Indiana leaving Jack’s Alzheimer’s-stricken mother a widow. But in the wake of personal heartbreak, he’s confronted by an even more astonishing event—the covert landing of an alien machine in the forest just a few miles outside of town. Now Jack must decipher the true purpose of the otherworldly device that has begun a detailed environmental survey of the woods. Aided by the town’s resilient female Deputy Sheriff, Linda Craig, he soon realizes that the robotic geologist is but one small part of a much larger operation, and the countdown to a terrifying global event is about to take place. Drawing deeply from his father’s scientific influence and his own creativity, all the while attempting to avoid the snares of a seductive and scheming local TV reporter, Jack uncovers—and ultimately finds himself an unwilling component of—an alien plan set to terminate life on Earth as we know it. With a science-based foundation, some action, language, sexual situations, and horror elements, The Scout is a completed manuscript of about 100,000 words.

This has been a long journey and a very personal one. The genesis of the story came from my work at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a documentary producer and editor for Mars exploration. Many of the concepts in the first part of the book are based on what I learned about planetary exploration. The other component came from great personal loss as both of my parents passed away in 2011. Additionally there are elements of the supernatural with lots of tension and plenty of scares. I hope my audience–those who love mainstream science fiction with horror elements–will enjoy it! More on the release date once I know whether I’ll be published or self-publishing. Stay tuned!

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